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Question By   Nayyab Babar

Younger sister

My younger sister is 8 years old she's 6 years younger than me but she's fighting me always and follow me always like my tail when my friend calls me she standing in front of me sometimes I want to talk them some secrets about me so I can't because she standing with me sometimes my friend asked me why your sisters always follows you and she beats me always but don't want to hurt her so tell me what can I do?

Problem About   School
City   lahore
School/College   cresent model high school
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Published   Jun 29th 2012

My dear

I think she loves you very much. Kids should be taught how to behave in the presence of guest.

This is not good habit.

You tell your mother to teach her. Otherwise as she grows will be difficult to handle her. Give her some nice story books to sit & read. When you keep her busy then she will not follow you.

Your Uncle
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