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Question By   Zaid Amir

In hurry

I want to do every thing in hurry. I don't have patience. So tell me what I shall do?

Problem About   Society
City   Jeddah
School/College   Hala International
Total Views   659
Published   May 22nd 2010

Dear Zaid,
The world has changed. Now the world in which you are taking breath is full of people who have become machines. They compare their efficiency with the latest inventions. However human is human. It has two hands, two feet, one tongue, two eyes and two ears and one brain. Man supposed himself to be superman but it is still in our imagination. Allah (SWT) has made us in best style. We should not forget our values and traditions. Manners like Respect elders, talk in mild tone before them, and behave good ethics when there are guests or father's friends have been dissolved in our quickness and hurry. Remember the chores or homework we do in hurry without taking care of cleanliness or presentation just in order to watch our favourite TV program or meet with a friend or make a phone call will ever remind us while we are doing something else and we will not be able to do that instead.

Your Uncle
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