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Question By   Aamna Salman Hasan

My friend

I have a friend at my school. She always make me listen her and if I don't she gets angry with me and turns everyone against me. What should I do?

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Karachi
School/College   Dawood Public School
Total Views   570
Published   May 22nd 2010

Dear Aamna,
It's a blessing of Allah (SWT) that He has gifted you such a nice and intelligent friend. It's really nothing to worry about if she talks too much and insists you listen. This habit of her will be changed when she realizes the importance of listening to others. You can gift her some books or magazines in which this personality trait is focused. You can take help of your teacher. You tell her to advise her to realize the importance of listening as Allah (SWT) has gifted us two ears but only one tongue.

Your Uncle
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