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Question By   Tawassul Malika


In our flat each floor has 3 homes on our floor there are also 3 homes. We all girls are friends one girl had come new to live. Her name is Tawassul. She wants to friendship me first. We were very happy. We were like sisters, but the other friend Aliza was very jealous so she broke our friendship with telling wrong things to her. She broke my friendship 4 times and she believe her and the after some days she means Tawassul became my friend but sir today again she broke my friend ship and she doesn't talk to me. I tell to my mother she said that leave her if she realize so she will come to you be bold. But two days have been past she didn’t talk to me. What should I do? I am alone now. I don't have any friend.

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   karachi
School/College   Habib public school
Total Views   230
Published   Jun 29th 2012

My dear

These things show immature minds. Don’t you have any friend at school? She goes to your school as well. This is very important. This time will never come back in your life. When concentrate then your entire problem will be inshallah solved by Allah almighty.

The person who listens to others & leaves it is better not to be your friend.

Your Uncle
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