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Question By   Radia Aimen


I am in a public school. It is really hard living with the Australians. What should I do. Please help me achieve good knowledge.

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City   Perth
School/College   School
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Published   May 14th 2010

Dear Radia,
You are really living hard as you have to spend hours with the people who have a stereotype image of Muslims and Pakistanis and it is difficult to deal with them properly. Radia, you are surrounded by complete western culture that is based on secular philosophy. You need to be fair with your studies, your conduct, your performance and your religious knowledge. You allocate enough time for your studies and concentrate leaving other worries behind. You offer Salah regularly. You read translation of Quran with comprehension bit by bit. You will see you are having satisfaction of heart and Allah is helping you at times.

Your Uncle
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