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Question By   Aafiya Shaikh

Friend's problem

I have a friend whose brother has just passed his tenth and has gone to India for further studies. Her parents have only two children i.e. herself and his brother. Before her mother was her best friend. She used to share her school talks with her mother and her mother would also share with her about what had happened in her office. But since his brother went to India, her mother won’t talk to her properly as she did before. When my friend would like to share with her about what happened in school she would say that she is not interested in her school talks. Plus she wouldn’t even tell her about her office. What should my friend do in such situation? Why are her parents reacting like this?

Problem About   Family
City   doha
School/College   M.E.S INDIAN SCHOOL-Doha,Qatar
Total Views   383
Published   Jun 4th 2012

My dear
I think her mother is facing some stress. Don’t worry. Tell her that pray 5 times & pray to Allah. Try to be kind & look after her mother b/c now she needs more attention of her daughter. Inshallah she will be alright.

Your Uncle
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