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Question By   Wajeeha Muhammad

Bullying friend

Well my friend bullies me every day and copy me but she’s a grade 9 well I’m 7 if I tell on her teachers will believe her and she once passed a letter to me when we were having an exam when I opened it to see it the teacher thought I was about to cheat but I never cheated! But I have no idea what I should do? It’s so upsetting she also did the same to my siblings.

Problem About   School
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Published   Jun 4th 2012

My dear
It is very common in Australia. You must tell your teacher. But it is only present in boys. Not in girls. It is amazing. Only teacher can stop. B/c if you change the school no use. Are you in the state school or in PRIVATE SCHOOL? In the latter where only girls study, such thing doesn’t happen.

Your Uncle
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