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Question By   Sadaf Abbas


I tried many times to make friendship with my class fellows but they always say that I am very bored person because I don't like music and dance. And also the big problem near them is my scarf. So, can u tell me, what can I do in this situation?

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   karachi
School/College   Aisha Bawany Academy
Total Views   596
Published   May 14th 2010

Dear Sadaf,

Today secular media and distorted cultural values have affected negatively on innocent minds of youth. Muslim teenager is also being influenced very rapidly. That is the reason a person like you has become stranger among such so-called modern youth and you are not accepted even you have empathy for them. In order to become acceptable for them it is necessary to equip with high class academic performance, exemplary moral values like patience, forgiveness and sincerity and effective social skills. If you possess sound academic skills, you will be able to help others in their studies. In this way you can make place in their hearts. When they are making fun of your Islamic get-up, your endurance and high moral values will compel them to be ashamed on what they are doing and your forgiveness will tend and wish to come near you.

Your Uncle
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