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Question By   Aimen Waqar

To be friend again

Well the problem with me is that 3 years ago I had a really good friend and for me she turned out to be my best friend. Recently we haven’t been talking much for no particular reason but when I talked to her yesterday, I felt really shy and didn’t know what to say. Please tell me what I can do because you see, no matter what, I see her as my best friend and I don't want to lose her.

Problem About   School
City   Multan
School/College   Beaconhouse School System
Total Views   220
Published   Jun 1st 2012

My dear
I do not know when there is no misunderstanding between you, why you are not talking?
Please be bold & let you talk & play together like before. You can tell her a very nice story or give her a gift.

Your Uncle
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