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Question By   Maryam Tariq

Old friends

I've left my old school 2 years ago but I really miss my old classmates they are very dear to me they are so nice and friendly, my new classmates are also very nice and friendly but I still can't forget them even if I try I really cry a lot sometimes while remembering them please give me a suggestion how can I control my emotions in front of everyone because I want to forget everything about past.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   crescent bahria cadet college(kbv caa model school 3 in 2010)
Total Views   255
Published   Jun 1st 2012

My dear
It is good to forget the past but if it is painful. Good memories of the past are like flowers. They always smell nice & make you fresh & alive. If you try to forget knowingly they will come to your mind with force. Please relax & pray to Allah after every prayer for patience. You never know that after school you may get those friends back with you in collage & university.
If we just think that everything which happens is in the hands of Allah then we can agree to it. This is behaviour of a true Muslim who always agrees to the command of ALLAH.

Your Uncle
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