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Question By   Maryam Tariq

My sister

I have one little sister and she always fights with me and she is very dear to my parents that's why they never said anything to her I am sick of her in fact whenever I slap her my parents get angry with me please give me any suggestion because she is so bad she always talks to me rudely.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   crescent bahria cadet college(kbv caa model school 3 in 2010)
Total Views   262
Published   Jun 1st 2012

My dear
If you hate somebody how she can love you? Even animal can understand the language of love & kindness. Do not hate her. Try to show love & kindness. Tell her stories; give her chocolate and other small things. It is the part of her education as well. Until she is 5 to 7 year old the treatment is only love & softness. After that you can change your behaviour. Your harsh treatment will make her angry person. You are at fault. Please change yourself.

Your Uncle
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