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Question By   Assawer Toheed

Teacher hates me

There is a teacher in my school who hates me even though I've never bothered her. She always messes up with my grades. I know answers to all the questions she asks in the class but she never give me a chance to answer them. All the other teachers like me & appreciate me but she does not. What should I do?

Problem About   School
City   Jazan
School/College   O-Levels(10th)- Al-Maarefah International School Jazan
Total Views   239
Published   May 31st 2012

My dear
Think if you can that you have done any mistake in her class?? If you cannot remember then what you do, go to her (not in the class) & tell her that sorry miss I was not nice in the class & made mistake. Please forgive me. Now I learn to be a good student.
I respect you a lot. Your way of teaching is very good all class like it. Inshallah I hope she will turn the other way round and your problem will be solved.

Your Uncle
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