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No friend

No one wants to be my friend at school. No matter what I do for them they just ignore me. I don’t even want to be popular in the class I just want everyone to be my friend at least. What do I do about it? I feel so lonely in the class recently a new girl came to my class. No one was being her friend too so I became her friend and after 2 or 3 months they took her to their group and now she also ignores me.

Problem About   School
City   Qatar
School/College   Birla Public School
Total Views   230
Published   May 31st 2012

My dear
It is very sad but you see people why they do like this. I think you are a good person. Try to concentrate on your study. Pray 5 times & read Quran daily with translation. It will tell you the meaning of this world & how to live here.
Pray to Allah for a good friend. He listens to everybody but more to the children. Inshallah you will get a friend soon.

Your Uncle
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