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Question By   Devilish Rida

Weight problem

Thanks for answering my question. Here is one more question to ask......dear uncle!!! I am much fat according to my age. I want to become slim but I can’t. Can you tell me the easiest way to lose weight?

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Published   Apr 2nd 2012

My dear

The easy way is to change your eating habit & adopt healthy habits.

1) Leave junk food.

2) leave all cola drinks.

3) Take part in games

4) Walk or do exercise. Or you can take part in home work. Increase your physical activity.

5) Never eat anything in between two meals.

 6) Never do dieting. You are in growing age, it is not good for you.

 7) Take lot of fruit & vegetables.

8) Never skip a meal. Always take food in time.

9) Pray (namaz) is also a physical activity.

 Inshallah you will be slim & smart. 

Your Uncle
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