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Question By   Hania Haque

Can’t sleep

Always at night I have a problem that I could not sleep before 2 to 3 O' clock or after every 2 hours my parents have become tired of me and I really don't want to do so and because of fear I have to disturb them but I actually don't know that why it happens?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   beacon light academy
Total Views   319
Published   Apr 2nd 2012

My dear

Please reply me a few questions then I can suggest something for you.

1) Is it this problem of sleep is since your child hood?

2) Do you feel any bad effect due to less sleep?

3) Do you sleep in the day time?

4) Did you go to doctor for this problem ever?

5) You cannot sleep b/c of fear of darkness or only being alone .

What you can do now that pray 5times & read Quran daily with translation.

 Read sura Falaq & sura Wannas before you go to bed.

I will wait for your reply.

Your Uncle
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