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Joined family

I have one sister I am the biggest and all the cousin's are also small they are many kids in our home and two more will come in 10/15 days from another city and then when they play they shout, scream and disturb me and I have my papers on my head I can't study and when I shout on them they be quite but I don't like that I shout on them please give me another advice to get rid of their voice?

Problem About   Family
City   Karachi
School/College   beconhouse
Total Views   260
Published   Apr 2nd 2012

My dear

You are lucky that you have so many kids to play.

Can you go to a room where you cannot hear their voices?

The other solution is that make them understand; give them some activity that they sit & play like ludo or scrabble.

Try to be kind & tell them that they let you study after exam you will tell them the stories. Kids are very fond of story.

 I hope they will agree with you.

 Best wishes for the exam.

Your Uncle
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