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Question By   Mahrukh Zehra

How to break my silence?

Dear Uncle Shine, Assalam Alaikum! I desperatly need your good advise. I have a main huge problem about my personality. I dont know how to make friends and how to talk normally. Every time when I enter in my college bus I felt helpless, speachless and I even cant say WALAIKUM US SALAM in a proper loud voice. Every body in the bus and in the college dont like to talk to me. They seem to hate me, as I dont feel comfertable in the gatherings or sitting with fellow students groups in the cafeteria. I used to try talking and making new friends but they dont even lift me. I find it very hard to act normal in front of everybody too. Is this because of this that I am not rich as everybody in college? I dont like music and dancing etc. too as every girl in my college. I feel odd and lonely as I dont know how to talk and make friends.

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Dammam
School/College   HIMCS
Total Views   559
Published   Apr 24th 2010

Dear niece,
It is really not easy to make friends for everyone. However skills needed for socialization can be developed. Forget that just due to your liking and unliking effect in this regard. Being underprivileged, not favouring music and dancing have nothing to do with the socialization skills. First you discover yourself. Discover what skills, abilities, capabilities, favourable habits and guts you HAVE and then refine them in such a way that you are seem to be OK for everyone. For example you are good at writing. Develop and refine this skill by attending workshops, surfing information at net, and having enough sittings with the people good at this skill. In this way you will find self-confidence in yourself. Upgrade your plus points. You will be flying in high skies. Then you will be able to talk with others putting eyes in their eyes. Your heartbeat will never go beyond when you will be talking with someone; you will never hesitate even when you are having conversation with any high profile personality. One more thing, never forget to talk with your Allah, ask Him to bestow you the power and confidence. Always decorate smile on your face while facing anyone. Insha Allah you will be successful in your aim.

Your Uncle
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