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Question By   Khushbukht Javid

Little brother trouble

My brother is 5 years smaller than me (smallest in family) and he doesn't listen to anyone and he always says me to do this and that. My parents explained to him but he never listens to anyone and we all listen to him. Please tell me what to do?

Problem About   Family
City   multan
School/College   Bloomfield hall Girls Campus Multan
Total Views   261
Published   Mar 28th 2012

My Dear

I think, he is youngest in the family. So the love he got is surplus, & he is spoiled.

Now this is duty of your father to make him understand, how to behave.

For some days all of you change the attitude towards him little bit.

If he cries let him cry for some time do not bother.

Do not fulfil his every command; stop giving too many things (toys, chocolate, drink & the things he likes.

But at night mom should tell her that everybody still love you, but you are not behaving good. I hope that he will be alright.

Your Uncle
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