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No gifts for my sister

Hello! on 19th march it was my birthday I turned 11, I got lots of gifts and enjoyed a lot but my sis is sad because she haven't got any gifts I gave her my goody packs but still she is sad we give me advice to cheer her up!

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   beconhouse
Total Views   293
Published   Mar 28th 2012

My dear

When her birthday is coming?

You try to make her understand that it is my day.

When your day will come you will also get lot of gifts.

 B/c she should know & learn that everybody gets her own share at his time

We should feel happy on others success.

You gave your gift to her, you did very nice. Ask your mom that she will also give her something when she does a good work. 

Your Uncle
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