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Question By   Devilish Rida


I have a problem. I want to pray 5 times a day but still I can’t. I think I should do wuzu and pray then I say to myself ok after 5 minutes then I say 10 minutes and like this the whole day ends. Please tell me what to do?

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Published   Mar 28th 2012

M y dear

It is shaitan who tells you that okay. Read after 5 minute, & in this way he is successful. What you do read aaooz billah & bismillah .

Then read

Sura Alkaferoon ,

Sura  Akhlass

Sura Qaluk

Sura Wanaass 

Pray to Allah that he gives you “tofeeq” to pray in time.

In the beginning try to be regular in fajer only.

Then inshallah you will read all prayers. 

Your Uncle
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