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Question By   Syed Aliza Habib


I like the way you solve the problems I’ve got confusion that now I am in 7th grade and I have to decide that whether o level is good or not? Many people said that it’s pretty hard but my parents say that it will be good for your future. I am willing to do it but a little worried. The admission test is on 26. Which would be good for me?

Problem About   Studies
City   Peshawar
School/College   Roots Millennium
Total Views   271
Published   Mar 28th 2012

My dear

Personally I do not see any benefit of O level on matric.

O level is hard for student, very costly, high fee & you read the books which do not belong to you. If you believe in yourself that you’ll continue it further i.e. A LEVEL, then do it. But it has been seen that many people come in Matric or intermediate afterwards.

We made it a status symbol. It is easy to bring good grades in Matric system as compared to O level.

You must sit in the test. Pray to Allah he will guide to the right path. 

Your Uncle
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