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Question By   Amina Anwar

Want to go my country

This year I went to Pakistan and I loved it and again I want to go to Pakistan it was so much fun. my sister is studying there and I want to go and live with her over there I’m living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and I really want to go to Pakistan in my these up-coming summer vacations but my parents are not allowing me WHY?. What should i do? No doors are open for me. Can you please help me? People are also saying that 2012 is the last year and I'm scared. Thank you and I hope you reply me soon.

Problem About   Family
City   riyadh
Total Views   276
Published   Mar 26th 2012

My dear

Do not believe the people. The date is only known by Allah.

He is the ultimate power.

I do not know what the problem is as your parents are not allowing you to go Pakistan. Ask your mom she may tell the reason. Everyone loves her country. 

Your Uncle
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