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Question By   Sarah Imran

New friends

I am in Muscat and I have made a lot of friends but now we are going to go back to Pakistan where I was born and I don’t know how I will forget my friends here in Muscat or my best friends. I am also quite nervous because I am going to meet a lot of my old friends and some new friends in Pakistan...What shall I do!!

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   muscat
Total Views   288
Published   Mar 26th 2012

My dear

To meet & get apart is the part of normal life. We cannot help it. You just pray that where ever you go always try to do well. Give your friends good memories which will be everlasting. Then welcome your old friends again with open heart & arms. Be happy that you are coming back to your own country.

Try to behave with them nicely.

Your Uncle
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