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Question By   Aasiya Nawaz

Watse of time

I like listening songs and watching TV, which is a very bad habit and think it’s a totally waste of time and want to get rid of them. Could you please suggest something for me?

Problem About   School
City   birmingham
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Published   Apr 22nd 2010

Dear Aasiya,
If a person realizes the difference between right and wrong, he or she cannot withstand the falsehood. It is really very appreciable that you want to get rid of the habits of listening to the music or songs or keeping your eyes on TV for hours. But remember quit of these habits can be an emotional decision when after sometime you again get engaged in the same. It is indispensable to get yourself engaged in some constructive habits like designing software, holding programs of Seerat e Rasul (Peace be upon Him) and Seerat e Sahaba, teaching young children or writing stories, poems or informative articles for some cause. You'd better think yourself about any activity that suits you and just do it.

Your Uncle
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