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Question By   Numra Bokhari

Study issue

i mm having problem of study I can’t learn anything properly i don’t want to study! i want to be a doctor! Help me how I would learn properly?

Problem About   School
City   messaied
School/College   pak shamma internation stream
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Published   Mar 19th 2012

M y dear

It is not possible that you do not study & will be a doctor. Think for a while that a farmer do not plough the land to sow the seeds. Do not give water. But is he sitting & watching his farm that there will be very good crop of wheat or rice.

It is hopeless.

In this world you cannot get anything without hard work.

Just to wish is not enough.

You put your meal in front of you & wish that it should go to your mouth without using your hands? It will not.

What you do pray 5 times & ask for help from Allah. Inshallah you will start study. Your mother loves you why she scolds you do not mind it.

Your Uncle
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