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Question By   Khushbukht Javid


I always get pain in my legs and hands and everywhere. I don't like fruits (only apples) and other food. It is due to my brother because he always beats me (small brother) My Amma tries to explain he but still he beats me. Please tell me what to do?

Problem About   School
City   multan
School/College   Bloomfield hall Girls Campus Multan
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Published   Mar 19th 2012

M y dear

Pain is only due to beating it could be that you do not drink milk. So please drink milk. Eat good food.  Playing is very good for you. When he beats you why you stand in front of him, you can save yourself. Go to other room, hold his hand & make him stop. Do love him try to kind with him. Give him your toys. When you become good friend he will not. Another reason is that you do not play with him. So please give him some time. He wants your company & attention. Inshallah your problem will be solved 

Your Uncle
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