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Question By   Misbah Abdul Jabbar

No Appreciation

I am coming on the 1st grade since I was in class 1 and now I am in class 6 but my parents never give me much attention or appreciate me, so first I thought that they are expecting more from me so I tried hard and improved my percentage but still they are not appreciating me, please tell me what to do?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Saifiyah Girls School
Total Views   291
Published   Mar 6th 2012

My dear

It is very uncommon what you wrote.

Still you think what could be the reason?

Did your friends & teacher admire you?

I think you do not expect any thing, but continue your hard work.

To get good grades is a satisfying job itself.

Inshallah they will latter on do appreciate you.

This hard work will take you very high place in life.

Your Uncle
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