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Question By   Marya Ansari

Old or new friends

Uncle is it practically always true that old is gold I mean I find my college friends more closely than my school friends with whom I were sort of reserved. Although the time period of their friendship is times more than that of my college friends yet I just spontaneously feel in somewhere of my heart that my high school friends are the real ones! Should I prioritize the duration of friendship or its essence? As per my judgment college friendship is lasting one. Please finish this dilemma of mine to rate which friends first!

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Karachi
School/College   Aga Khan Higher Secondary School,Karachi
Total Views   272
Published   Mar 6th 2012

My dear

Every body experience is not always same.

Exception always prove the rule.

In childhood I mean in school were innocent, rather happy go lucky days. So these friendships are not lasting.

But you may have some body with you from school to collage as well.

Both ways are possible. There is no hard & fast rule.

Hazrat Ali RA said that poor is one who has no friend.

So it is better you have it.

We do need friends but do not rely too much. Never give your secret to her that if he or she turns and can harm you.

Best friends are your parents; you can share every thing with them.

Your Uncle
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