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Question By   Ammar Bin Siraj


I have got 86% in my final exam of class VII and I am forth in class. I always come first in my class but this time I have got forth. Tell me the ways from witch I can get position in VIII class again?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Usman Public School
Total Views   611
Published   Apr 13th 2010

Dear Ammar,
I would really appreciate you. You are very conscious about your academics. It doesn't matter if you could not get the required result. Always care about the concept you learn. If you have not learnt the concept, you fail even you secure first position as a result. And if you have grasped the concept rightfully, you succeed even if you secure a bit lower grade. Keep a vigilant eye on your own learning. Test yourself frequently. The happiness you get after learning a concept what you didn't know is real.

Your Uncle
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