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Question By   Fraz Jamil

Can't sleep

I have a problem sleeping at night. The problem is that I cannot sleep when it is dark. It feels like someone is moving around me and watching me. So I have to sleep with the rooms light on. So please suggest me what to do?

Problem About   School
City   Riyadh
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Published   Apr 10th 2010

Dear Fraz,
You are really facing very painful condition. If one cannot sleep properly, he is never in position to carry out his daily chores properly or efficiently. One thing that you should remember is:
Islam our deen means peace and tranquility. It means if we have firm faith in our Lord ALLAH that He is the only ONE who can harm us or nothing can harm us without His wish. So seek shelter from Him every time, especially when you go to bed. Rasulullah (S.A.W) has taught us how to spend our day and night. Read the books of Hadith and Seerat to know them. You will observe an obvious change Insha Allah

Your Uncle
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