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Question By   Alina Rashid

New grade

As I moved to a new grade, my class changed and in that changing they have changed our class fellows also, I really miss my old fellows and as you know it takes time to get settled in other friends and basically miss them a lot. it does not mean that I don't like my new friends ,the thing is that they are not my type some of them lies to me and some of them don't even talk to me they are always busy in them self and I just want them to be my friend as I had before. There is a girl but she has a very bad habit of sucking her thumb, I don't know what to do in this position to be friend of them or not because I am really confused!

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   beacon house
Total Views   254
Published   Feb 29th 2012

My dear

Yes you are right. However, you are supposed to study in school so keep your attention in studies. Changing sections are a part of school life.

You tell your friend that she will spoil her character. Do not leave her but continue to tell her that she should leave this habit. A good friend is that who always guide to the right path.

Your Uncle
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