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Question By   Osama Rizwan

Green environment

How to tell people about to clean the environment green and grow more trees?

Problem About   Society
City   Karachi
School/College   Army Public School-Faisal-Karachi
Total Views   235
Published   Feb 20th 2012

My dear

Whatever lawn or garden you have at home. Try to make it green. Because if you advise something & yourself not acting upon it. It will not be effective at all.
Then you can write articles for news paper & V SHINE to create awareness.
Talk to your teacher and get his/her help & every week write a few words to say in Assembly.

Make some chats to show importance of planting trees.

Take a tour with your friends to a nursery to buy plants.

All your friends collect some money every month from your pocket money & buy a prize to give to that person who makes his home more green.

With determination Inshallah you achieve your target.



Your Uncle
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