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Question By   Ashbah Rehan

Face colour

Thank you for answering last question. I am not healthy maximum weight of mine is 30 and my new question is that I am having wheat colour and every one school fellows make fun of me I want to be fair but (I am happy with my colour but i need to be fair)

Problem About   School
City   Lahore
School/College   APSACS
Total Views   253
Published   Feb 18th 2012

My dear

It is made by Allah. So we should accept it as such. But still if you pray 5 times your face will be come fare & attractive.
Remember one thing in your all life that what ever is given from Allah. Never make fun of that.
 It is sin.
He knows better what to give to some one.
We are hare only for a test that how we do good action.

Your Uncle
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