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I have a problem with my brother. He is very irritating, liar. Doesn’t share and is mad at me all the time. He is older than me and I respect him but I mean he should respect me a little right. Well what should I do?

Problem About   Family
City   Lahore
School/College   Lahore Grammar School
Total Views   585
Published   May 18th 2010

Dear Guest,
I am really very sorry to know that your big brother shows bossing with you and his attitude is not acceptable. The people very close to you are definitely your parents. Let them know all about him and seek help. Just in order to solve the problem, you need not respond to any misbehaviour or misconduct of your brother. Try to forgive his old behaviour and show that you don't hate him. Send him wish card and small gift in order to make the situation soothing. Talk with him in a respectable manner whether he adopts harsh attitude. Insha Allah you will see a positive change in near future.

Your Uncle
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