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Question By   Marya Ansari

Loyal friend

What criteria should one set to judge her/his loyal and best friend?

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Karachi
School/College   Aga Khan Higher Secondary School,Karachi
Total Views   294
Published   Feb 17th 2012

My dear

It is really a very difficult question.

Many people became your friend but with the circumstances they change. Any how one who is God fearing, obedient to Allah & his parents & teachers.
 Pray regularly. Speak truth, kind & soft spoken good in study as well.
 Fulfil his promise. Not greedy. & he is loyal to you.
But it is true that you have to accept her with her short comings as well.
 B/c no body is perfect.
If you set any standard you will be left alone.

Your Uncle
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