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Question By   Aamna Babar

Boring History

I have no interest in history subject and i always less marks in this subject. I try to read it but no use and when i read in feel boring. Tell me what to do??

Problem About   School
City   islamabad
School/College   Global System Of Integrated Studies
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Published   Feb 16th 2012

My dear

You do not take it as subject. Think that you are reading story about the people who are gone from this world.

Then you try to know how they were?

What they have done?

Good or bad. Then you will see that you develop an interest that good people are praised & bad people are condemned

so we will learn that what they have done & what was their end, in this world.

Yes dates & names are difficult to remember. You can learn one name & date daily. Join with some of your friend. You read & daily exchange the page of history. Also search here for more answers searching with keywords “history.”

Your Uncle
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