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Question By   Aiman Akhtar

I hurt my mum

Recently, I did something which hurt my mum a lot. How can I make it up to her?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Hogwarts
Total Views   304
Published   Feb 15th 2012

My dear

This is very good that you realise your fault & now want to say sorry.
 Moms are truly nice. You just hold her hand & say sorry.
 Inshallah she will accept it.
 If it is not possible then write a letter for apology.
 But promise with her that in future you will obey her always.
 Then do what she likes. Take care of the comfort of your mom always.
 Try to be the most obedient child of your parents. If they are happy with you Allah will be happy

Your Uncle
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