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Question By   Salwa Imtiaz

I hate my best friend

I am in great problem. Now I hate my best friend because of her bad activities in school and home also. She also has such a rude character nowadays. I don't know her problem and when i asked her she ignored and didn't give the answer. I AM NOW JUST FED UP!! But how can I tell that I am not her best friend now? Please help me and please don't ignore my letter

Problem About   Friend Ship
School/College   PECHS Government Girls College Karachi
Total Views   255
Published   Feb 15th 2012

My dear
I never ignore any letter. Please always trust people.
It is possible that she is facing some problem at home & she does not trust you to tell. Why her mood is like this?
You just keep yourself away for some days & keep silent.
 But pray to Allah for the goodness come to both of you.
Friendship needs to sacrifice for each other.
 If we can not then we loose our friends.
Try to look at her good qualities .
Still if you can not walk along. The doors of going away are always open.
To break up is easy but to join is difficult .

Your Uncle
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