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Hate Maths

I want to ask that why math is so difficult? I got highest marks in it but I still hate it.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
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Published   Feb 15th 2012

My dear
When we hate some thing we can not make use of that thing . Or remain unaware of its benefit.
Same is the rule with people .

You just one day sit & think that why you hate.Only because it is difficult ?
But you are getting good marks no worries.

Math is a subject that it will make your fortune if you get 100 / 100.
This tells you that universe is made up of under certain laws.
 There is a balance between certain forces
if it is disturbed then the result will be very bad. So when you apply on your life you will come to know   that our life on this earth also needs some laws.
& it is important to follow them. So law, I mean the math is ruling every where.
If we hate we can not learn how to live & how to balance our life.

Your Uncle
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