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Question By   Anushka Jamal

Weight problem

I am loosing weight or probably dieting because I am overweight. But the problem is if I loose 3kgs I will gain them quickly. Please help me by telling me how can I only loose weight?

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City   lahore
School/College   lacas
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Published   Feb 8th 2012

My dear

You are not advised to do dieting in this age. Because it is growing age. You need food & energy to grow & get certain height.
What you do join some game which you like.
Play regularly .at home or school where it is possible .
Take part in house old work so that you can burn your energy.
 Only have a check on chocolate , sweet meal & junk food.  Always take milk . It is very important for your height.
 If game is not possible, run fast  daily for 30 to 40 mint .

Your Uncle
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