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Question By   Mahwish Amir


My teachers say that I am too quiet and when I talk they say not to talk, what should I do?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   school
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Published   Jan 27th 2012

My dear

This is called world. You have to balance yourself.

Don’t be too talkative & do not so silent.

Without do not talk .

 It is good but when there need to talk you must .

 Always talk good. & be careful that two angles are writing your every word you utter from your mouth.

 So speak truth,

 Never do backbiting.

 Never talk useless.

Never ridicule any body.

Never call someone with bad names.

Never suspect unless you have proof.

Never blame anybody.

Try to forgive.

Try to choose nice words. On which you cannot be ashamed of latter on.

Your Uncle
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