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Question By   Tehreem Maqsood


I am a wise student but I don’t get any interest in doing homework especially on weekends. Sometimes I need to wake up at 2-3 am to study. Please help.

Problem About   Studies
City   Faisalabad
School/College   Beaconhouse school system
Total Views   257
Published   Jan 26th 2012

Dear Tehreem,

Wisdom is a gift of ALLAH but how to use it, it up to a person.

The wise person is that who work hard in time. Who does not like to lag behind.

Who is well prepared before exams.

So you do work on weekends. Try to be always a head of your study. The lesson you are going to read tomorrow, you should read it   today. If this is the sprit Inshallah you will top the list & every body will come to know that you are wise.

Your Uncle
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