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Question By   Muhammad Owais

Playing computer so much

I play computer games very much i play every time. My sister wants but I didn’t give her. So how do I control my self from computer?

Problem About   Health
City   peshawar
Total Views   238
Published   Jan 26th 2012

My dear

Excess of every thing is bad. As you have certain time for eating, school, sleeping, playing & for study. If you give more time to one thing the other work will suffer .

It is not fair that you did not give compute to your sister.

She has aright to play as well .

You make a time table for your 24 hours. & write down how much time you will every work .

 Then promise to your heart that Inshallah you will act upon it.

 This is the way to build your character, hard work & discipline is the key to success.

Your Uncle
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