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Question By   Radia Aimen


I'm really looking forward to being an author I have won one of the competitions in my school and I'm going to receive a Kindle e-reader when I go back to school. Please search my name on Google search You'll see a title that says CCN0370 clink on the link and a page will pop up and "showcased in this anthology" will be written in very bold letters, click on that and scroll down until you reach my story called Possessed! Please tell me what you think, I think it's kind of immature for a kid my age but you’re the judge!

Problem About   School
City   Perth
School/College   School
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Published   Jan 26th 2012

My dear

Is it possible that you send me that story by email? Then I will look at it & can give advice.

It is very good wish you do try. But for being an author you have to study a lot & your observation should be very good. You can write even for V SHINE magazine.

Your Uncle
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