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Question By   Hajra Ovais


I am having two sisters smaller than me. One of them thinks that I do not love her but that's not right. I love her a lot. She always fights with me. My mother scolds me because of her.

Problem About   Family
City   Karachi
School/College   falconhouse grammar school
Total Views   183
Published   Jan 26th 2012

Dear Hajra,

First you try to think that what is the thing or action due to which they mind it.

If you get one try to remove it.

The child hood period is very small. It will just go like that in later life all of you miss it. Your sisters are younger to you. 

It is good that you are kind to them.

Try to play with them.

Tell them nice stories. Give them small gifts.

Because if you love some one. It must be shown by your action.

Your Uncle
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