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Question By   Mahwish Amir


My height is not growing, and i am the shortest in my class too and sometimes my friends even say and that's too embarrassing. My mother even gave me the flavored milk "horlicks" because she heard that it makes children grow tall and strong but don't know why i am so short, please tell me something uncle shine which could make me grow tall, what should i do?

Problem About   Health
City   Karachi
School/College   school
Total Views   346
Published   Jan 24th 2012

Dear Mahwish,
Yes it is a problem with many other kids. You take care of two things one is your food & the 2nd is your exercise.
You can take B. complex tab.
You can get it on the counter.
Take proper & regular food. Play some game as well.
Inshallah when you will 13, or14 you will become tall.
 Pray for yourself.

Your Uncle
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