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Question By   Eman Rauf

My habits

Sometimes I talk very badly to my big sister and brother and even say bad words. Now you tell me what should I do?

Problem About   School
City   jeddah
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Published   Jan 24th 2012

Dear Eman,
It is very good that you have realised your self. Now it is easy to overcome this bad habit.
You sit alone & think that if some body will hurt you by such rude words, how do you feel?
Whatever we do, it will come back to us in this world (sooner or latter) & in the next world we get its reward or punishment.
When we are nice & respect our elders every body like it & praise.
So tell yourself that inshallah next time Eman will not behave like this, you change your action, & Allah will change your fate. Why it is said that we write our fate.

Your Uncle
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