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Question By   Javeria Anis

Marks in Urdu

I got 56 marks in Urdu in board exams even after studying so hard when other kids who didn't studied hard got 70 marks. After this I am not sure if I can study hard enough for they will give me so less marks after such a hard work. What should I do?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Pak Cambridge School
Total Views   311
Published   Jan 18th 2012

Dear Javeria,

Yes you are right. It is really disappointing.
But please do not loose heart.
This time you study & think that what mistakes you did last time. Concentrate on them & try to rectify them. It is very difficult to secure very good marks in language. In math, physics & chemistry, it is different thing.
If you loose heart then you will loose your position. Be brave & always hopeful. Inshallah you will get good marks this time.

Your Uncle
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