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Question By   Abid


My name is Abid. I study in class fifth. Last month my daadi (granny) passed away, since then I don’t feel like to do anything. I’m very upset because she loved me a lot. My home is like a desert without her and I really miss her very much?

Problem About   Family
City   Karachi
School/College   OAK
Total Views   2026
Published   Nov 12th 2009
Dear Abid, I’m very sorry to read about your daadi (granny). May Allah bless her in the heaven. It is really too hard to bear the loss of any family member, and you lost your grandmother who loved you a lot.
Dear Abid, whoever comes in this world he has to go back sooner or later.  Nobody can deny this fact. So we must be patient in this respect. Your sorrow and sadness cannot benefit your granny but if you and your family perform good deeds and act upon her advices, she would definitely be benefited. As according to a saying of the last messanger Muhammad (S.A.W.W) that a pious offspring is like a sadqa-e-jaria (continue benefits), means if you do virtuous deeds it will enhance your daadi’s rew ard
Your Uncle
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