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Question By   Star 66

Getting my best friend back

Last year had really been a tough one for me because I lost my best friend, someone i really truly love. She has now become best friend with my ex best friend which deeply hurts specially when i see her holding hands with her because my best-friend used to tell me I love you I would never ever leave U but now every thing has suddenly changed I don't know...........but I want her back anyhow, because I really love her and cant think of me without her. This all makes me go really mad....please tell me how to reach her and convince her to be my best again because the worst feeling is seeing someone i love loving someone else! i am really desperate to get her back!

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Karachi
School/College   Beaconhouse school system
Total Views   263
Published   Jan 14th 2012

Dear star 66,

First we should explore that why she left you?

 Is there any misunderstanding between you?

 If it is ... then try to rectify.

Once talk to her & tell her that what the situation at that time was.

It is good to have a best friend but the person should be faithful.

Whenever you feel desperate, try to concentrate in prayers.

& pray to ALLAH to give you the best person as a friend.

Your Uncle
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